Trust Big. Travel Far. Start Here. .

The Idea

Visionary Troubadour.  Trust Big. Travel Far.

Visionary – One who sees beyond the limits of cultural illusions, and inspires others to do the same.

Troubadour – One who travels beyond the limits of cultural boundaries, and inspires others to do the same.

Trust Big = Let go, let love lead your life’s adventures.

Travel Far = Explore, experience, evolve your world.

I believe I first heard the term Visionary Troubadour from my good friend and visionary musician, Shawn Madden (link to page on VF).  I’d invited him to Australia to sing his glorious tunes at our Australia 2010 iStand (link).  He had been invited with his travel, room and board paid, and he’d come with his guitar, ready for adventure and willing to give the gift of his musical spirit to any who’d listen.

After the iStand he headed South by bus without a plan.  Just him, his gift, his guitar, a few belongings and the knowledge that he had access to resources like (link).  He came back several weeks later, and shared tales of his adventures, and how his experience of people had shifted.

A few months later in California, I would begin to understand a bit more what he was talking about…  (continued inside my ebook, Drum Beat of the Visionary Troubadour)